College Goes On Lockdown Because Someone Mistook A Toy That Looks NOTHING LIKE A GUN, For A Gun

I realize colleges are on edge these days and it’s always best for student to report suspicious activity but maybe pay a little closer attention instead of just ringing up the cops for every little possible issue.

And maybe students should wear their glasses at all times or get their vision checked.

Farmingdale State College on New York’s Long Island went into lockdown earlier today and students were advised to “shelter in place” after someone called 911 because they saw a man in a campus parking lot armed with a dangerous weapon…
That dangerous weapon turned out to be a lightsaber.

Police responded around 9:40 am thinking someone was assembling a rifle on a college campus. What they found was a student “heavily armed” with a toy Star Wars lightsaber.

A lightsaber. One of these…

Also, don’t do this unless YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN…

Many students took to Twitter to discuss the school’s lockdown. Some students mentioned a potential shooter.

So if you see something, wait…wait….wait….waaaiiittttttttt…ok fine, now say something.

[via The Daily Sheeple]

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