Underage Louisiana College Students Busted For Trying To Take 1800 Cans Of Beer To The Beach


Kids, I know you all think you’re drinking champions and that whatever party you’re planning on throwing over spring break is gonna be a rager, but – and I’m (not) sorry to crush your dreams here – all 4 of you are fucking idiots. 1800 cans of beer? This isn’t Project X hon, and if you were planning on trying to turn a profit and sell a few of those cases then who in their right minds is gonna pay for marked up Natty Lite for fuck’s sake? No one is that desperate. I’d sooner buttchug a handle of Zelko than pay more than $15 for a case of that filtered dip spit. But what do I know? Apparently you guys had this all thought out, minus of course the part where you got busted on I-10 for underage possession.

Altogether Sheriff’s Deputies seized more than 100, 18 packs of beer and several containers of hard liquor. Deputies say they pulled over a pick-up truck towing a trailer with expired tags. They then asked to search the trailer and that’s when they found the alcohol. None of the teens were intoxicated at the time. The teens told deputies they were on their way to Gulf Shores. All four are college students were from Louisiana.

“Well I would like to say that it’s not common this time of year, however it is. And we hope by intercepting this amount of alcohol that we will have prevented from future event while they are on spring break,” said Lt. Paul Burch, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. (Via)

A trailer? Well then you’re just begging to get pulled over. Quick protip here, if you’re doing illegal shit be discrete; throw a few bottles in the spare tire compartment in the trunk of your car, shove a flask up your butt, whatever. Don’t rent a trailer.

[H/T and images via WKRG]