Here Are The Colleges That Order The Most Food During Finals Week

It’s FINALS WEEK, no time to fix anything to eat, let’s order out! Not to mention all the stress-eating that’s going on and well, partying (for those who have no tests the next day).

But which colleges amp up their takeout intake the most? According to GrubHub that honor goes to Virginia Tech University who ramps up their orders by a whopping a 46% when compared to the rest of the semester. Well done, Hokies.

GrubHub also discovered that food deliveries to libraries skyrocket by 154 percent during final exams versus the rest of the year. Apparently students don’t even have time to go home to eat either.

Overall, three of the top 10 schools are located in New York state while Pennsylvania and Virginia hold two of those spots.

Here’s the rest of the top 14…

14. Northwestern University (+11%)
13. Boston University (+12%)
12. Georgetown University (+16%)
11. University of Delaware (+17%)
10. University of Pennsylvania (+18%)
9. University of Michigan (+19%)
8. University of Virginia (+25%)
7. University of Pittsburgh (+26%)
6. Ohio State University (+28%)
5. Syracuse University (+30%)
4. Ithaca College (+32%)
3. University of Wisconsin (+34%)
2. Cornell University (+40%)
1. Virginia Tech (+46%)

H/T HuffPo; Pizza image by Shutterstock