Dear SEC Fans, Do You Cry Yourself to Sleep at Night Knowing You’re Only SECond Best?



As a FSU alum I almost feel pity for SEC fans these days. You’re so cocksure in your dominance, yet when you look at the numbers you’re only second best.

That’s right, the Seminoles are #1, and you guys are just off circle jerking to the same “It’s great, to be, a ” chant all throughout the South. But while you’re tailgating this Saturday, spewing bullsh-t about how great the SEC is, just remember one thing: YOU’RE NOT THE BEST.

You’re only second (at best), to a team in the ACC, a supposed lowly basketball conference who straight up OWNED your best team (Auburn) in the National Championship AFTER my Seminoles figured out that you’re thieving SEC coaches were stealing play calls and signals.

So to commemorate that ACC victory of SEC rule bending, one Twitter user has created these incredible shirts as a way to put the SEC in their deserved spot, 2nd.

H/T to BarstoolU for finding these, and a BIG THANKS to @JoeNoles for making these shirts a reality! If you’re interested in picking up one of these shirts for yourself go check out Joe’s Twitter feed, they’ll run you $25.00 (shipping included).


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