Florida State Bros Troll Florida Fans By Wearing ‘Noles Gear In Student Section At SEC Opener, Nearly Incite A Riot

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We’ve already established that the ACC is the new SEC. What happens, though, when you crash a cathedral of SEC sanctity like Benn Hill Griffin Stadium at the University of Florida dressed in full Florida State gear for… the Kentucky game?

With war looming between the SEC and ACC for college football dominance, this past Saturday two brave Florida State students drove from Tallahassee to Gainesville. The mission? To troll the shit out of Florida fans by sitting the student section in full, head-to-toe ‘Noles gear while the Gators played Kentuck in their SEC opener. Here’s what happened, according to our tipster:

My friends and I decided it was a good idea to show up to the tailgate and the game in full FSU attire.

As we entered the student section we were immediately booed by the surrounding fans which escalated into upwards of 8,000 UF fans booing us, chanting at us, and throwing water bottles at us. This led to us egging them on with the Nole Chomp and the cops approached us. We were detained for 20 minutes then booted from the game under the charges of “inciting a riot.”

Today the two are on the front page of UF’s Alligator student newspaper. They also have video of their intense heckling in the University of Florida’s student section, including the moment they were kicked out by police.

SEC…. Why so serious? It’s only college football, after all.

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