Congrats, You’re Going to Fordham! Just Kidding, Screw You

Fordham had screwed up. Or more exactly, a third-party contractor Fordham hired had screwed up. The 2,500 students who recieved the letters received them by mistake. Around 500 of the kids were actually rejected from the school, the other 2,000 were deferred until April.

Both Fordham and the CEO of Student Aid Services, Craig V. Carroll, apologized profusely today in the New York Times.

“We are devastated by the error that has occurred today and extremely upset by the anguish that we have caused,” Carroll said. (Anguish? Anguish is a little much. Anguish is what you feel when a relative dies. This is some kid from North Hempstead being forced to switch his focus to, like, St. John's.) 

And Fordham said in a statement: “Fordham and its undergraduate admissions staff are acutely aware of the high hopes prospective students and their families have regarding college acceptances. The University deeply regrets that some applicants were misled by the financial aid notice. The admission staff is working with S.A.S. to find out what went wrong.”

Cheer up, kids! It's 15 degrees here! Have you considered Miami?

[H/T: Business Insider]