Fraternity Told They Will Be Punished If They Wear Face Paint Because It’s ‘Cultural Appropriation’


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Oh look, another day, another college is going after fraternities for absolutely not doing anything wrong. Today’s college with the PC police running amok is….

*spins wheel*

Millikin University!!!

The Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity as well as several other fraternities at Millikin University in Illinois have a tradition of painting their faces and bodies with the colors of their houses during their annual Plunge/Bid Day event. But that fun little form of pride in your group and silliness has apparently “offended” some individuals because the school has put the kibosh on this year’s face-painting.

Apparently, TKE received a letter from Millikin’s Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement (OISE) stating that face paint and wigs are offensive because it is cultural appropriation and can be disrespectful to other cultures.

CampusReform got a hold of the letter that was sent written by Nicole Rowlett, Millikin’s Assistant Director of Inclusion and Student Engagement.

“Millikin University is committed to fostering a community of inclusiveness that respects difference amongst all students,” Rowlett stated in the letter. “It is my hope that the men of [Tau Kappa Epsilon] utilize this as an educational opportunity to explore the concept of intent vs. impact with regard to cultural appropriation.”

The letter even threatens action if members of the fraternity disobey. “Failure to comply with the expectation will result in immediate removal from the event, and additional student conduct sanctions.”

TKE’s colors are Crimson Lake Cherry and Pure Silver Grey, so it is not them being culturally insensitive or mocking any culture, those are the colors of their house. The people who are “offended” are the ones that have reduced people to just a color, and not their character, history and achievements.

And exactly which culture are these frat boys appropriating? The male members of the Kota tribe in the Congo that painted their faces blue to signify becoming a man? The Nuba people from South Sudan who painted their faces to show age, family and which clan they belong to? The ancient Picts from northern Scotland who colored their faces blue from woad to scare off the invading Romans? Fun fact, Mel Gibson culturally appropriated his character in Braveheart, because those in Scotland no longer painted their faces blue in the time of William Wallace.

So based on the thinking of Millikin University then this is cultural appropriation.


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