FSU Student Shot From 5-Feet Away Is Saved When His Books Stop Bullets From Taking His Life (PICS)

As I’m sure you’ve undoubtedly ready by now the Florida State University campus was shocked last night when a shooter began firing in the Strozier Library just after midnight.

Reports are that 3 students were shot, and Tallahassee PD killed the shooter. However, if these incredible photos are to be believed, one FSU student was saved by a miracle.

Reportedly the first student targeted by the FSU campus shooter, this student was shot at from a mere 5-feet away, and while Jason Derfuss claims to have heard the shots he did not realize until later that he was a target of the shootings.

HOLY SHIT. I have to just put this out there now, and as an FSU grad who spent a truly asinine amount of time in that library I cannot even begin to process my emotions this morning.

Every school shooting hits me hard, but this one took place in my former home. And I’m ABSOLUTELY not the type of person to talk about ‘miracles’, but this might just be that.

Just look at this for a moment and realize how close this student was to losing his life, all because of some deranged shit head (whose name I’ll never acknowledge):

I wish I had more to say here, but I’m speechless. I’m both sad and very proud to be a Seminole today, and my thoughts are with anyone and everyone affected by this tragedy.

But it’s videos such as this, the FSU community standing united in the wake of tragedy that will help us all get through this:

h/t to my old roommate at FSU, R.R.Giroux for sharing this video with me

Jameis Winston joins FSU students in front of Strozier Library (where the shooting took place) in a show of solidarity:

Tip of the hat to @BustedCoverage for finding these photos and sharing them.

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