Watch This Georgia Bro Throw Himself Through A Window While Celebration Game-Winning Touchdown, Ends Up In Hospital



What you see in the above photo is a picture of a dude who launched himself through a glass door panel after his team beat and unranked opponent in a Week 3 game. The only situation that would warrant this type of behavior is if the dude bet his cock and balls on a Georgia win. Avoiding getting your beans and frank snipped off is the only acceptable predicament that would rationalize vandalizing your own home and taking a trip to the emergency room. Congrats on keeping your meat popsicle bro. Now lets roll the tape.

Is that a vagina on your arm bro? That’s what your pube region would look like if Georgia didn’t score on a fourth and 10 against a sub-par Missouri squad.

All’s well that ends well. Keep the Georgia wins coming. I got a sneaky suspicion this guy is just getting started.

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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