The Only Thing More Absurd Than The Amount Georgia Paid Ludacris To Play At Their Spring Game Was His Backstage Demands

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Ludacris just made more money in 15 minutes than the average American makes in an entire year. Economies of scale is a bitch, man.

The University of Georgia’s football program played their annual spring game this past Saturday in front of 93,000 fans and hadn’t signed a performer until two days before the event. The time crunch allowed rapper Ludacris to essentially name his price. That price was $65,000.

So if you’re scoring at home, Ludacris banked $65,000 more than every player on the University of Georgia team who sold all the tickets. That’s like buying all the supplies for a party, setting up for it, getting a concussion, and then having Ludacris show up with a duffle bag and jack all the beer. Seems fair.

Oh ya, and to top it off, Ludacris’ dressing room demands were also granted. I don’t know if he was preparing for the apocalypse, going camping for the summer, or just wanted to flex, but his rider sheet was preposterous.

ludacris ludacris 2

Two candles but only one box of Magnum condoms? Pussy.

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