Grayson Allen Slapped With Technical Foul After Furiously Slamming Ball Down And Yelling ‘F*CK!,’ Immediately Benched

That right there my friends is Grayson Allen’s fourth technical foul of the season, most among all ACC players.

During the first half of Duke’s ACC Tournament game against Clemson on Wednesday, college basketball’s most polarizing figure got called for technical foul after slamming the ball in anger and yelling “FUCK!” Grayson was called for an over-the-back foul, which he evidently objected to. It certainly didn’t help that Grayson finished the first half with 0 points and 3 fouls. Grayson Allen is on the playing field what Johnny Manziel is off playing field.

An irritated Coach K benched Grayson immediately after the tantrum.

Some agreed with the refs for slapping Grayson with a somewhat soft T.

Others thought his reputation was the driving force behind it.

It’s hard to discount Grayson’s past when on-the-line calls like this get made. Refs have gotta be looking to diffuse any outburst when they become immediately apparent.

Case in point:

P.S. RIP Grayson.

Dude, chill out, it was just a joke.


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