Here’s a Fantastic ‘Dos and Don’ts’ Guide to Spring Break at Panama City Beach

Spring Break 2014 is on, which means that many BroBible readers are going to be heading to Panama City Beach to rage. Don’t get into any fights while you’re there! Meanwhile, Redditor SaintJackDaniels created this pretty fantastic guide to spring breakin‘ it at PCB like a Bro:

I got back from a week at PCB yesterday. Here’s a list of shit to do and not do.

Do: stay at the summit. It is next door to spinnakers, which is where you will be most nights. It also has a big pool party every day, and is in front of the main party beach (also at spinnakers)

Do: bring your fraternity flag, and a large flagpole. We had ours, and set it out on the beach each day where we partied. We ended up having 6 chapters and all the girls out partying with us.

Do: bring way more alcohol than you think you need. We went through around 30 drinks a day per person. You drink a lot more through a whole day than just at night

Do: wear sorority letters when you go out. You’ll run into a ton of girls from other schools and it’s the easiest way to get in good

Do: bring beads. A lot of beads. You’ll run out.

Do: bring more condoms than you think you’ll need. It’s spring break so everyone is getting down, and if you fuck a girl more than once in a night you’ll run out. They are giving them out on the spinnaker beach though, so make sure to restock there

Don’t: be a pussy. If you stay in one day or night it’s going to be the craziest night. You’re only there once so suck it up you bitch

Don’t: forget the red bull. You’ll need it. You’ll go through 2 a day to make it through the club and the morning. They also have rock star for free outside spinnaker on the beach.

Don’t: forget the frat nap. There is a magical two hours between leaving the beach and pregaming for the club. Use it. You won’t be getting much sleep at night as it is.

Don’t: be that guy. Everyone is going to black out and be shitty, but don’t be that guy that everyone has to take care of and ruin our fun. If you’re a pledge and do that. Prepare to get the shit hazed out of you if you do this.

Do: help that girl even if you don’t know her. I got laid more than once by the sister of the puking / passed out girl for helping her out.

Last: Don’t bring anything you don’t want lost stolen or broken. Except your penis, you gotta bring your penis.

Later in the thread, SaintJackDaniels wrote a guide to managing your money on Spring Break 2014:

Lodging: 100 for the week. It will be more or less depending where you stay. We stayed further away from spinnakers which was a mistake because we had to have drivers

Drinks: we each out in 50, and got 9 24s and 9 handles for 5 people. I dunno how the other 10 split it. We ran out by Wednesday night, so I had to buy more for the rest of the week. (I went down Friday)

Food: We bought food in town and only went out once so it depends how much you eat. I forgot to add EVANGELISTS HAVE FREE PANCAKES EVERY MORNING AT THE BOWLING ALLEY. So you only need to worry about dinner. We ate the pancakes. Hit the beach all day, frat napped, ate dinner, and went out. You’ll fill up on all the beer so 2 meals a day should work fine.

Bar / club tabs: we got the 50 dollar club pass that gets you free cover and 2 hours of free drinks. It is definitely worth it. If you’re staying near spinnakers get the one for there every night, if not, get the Panamaniac card that has it for a different place every night. If you’re underage they’re not worth it. I spent another 50-80 on top of that.

Total: 300ish? I’m still hungover so fuck math

This was probably the higher end for a budget, if you stay at sandpiper you get free cover for tiki bar, and if you stay at tiki bar you get free cover at sharkys. We did sandpiper last year and I was on a budget, I only spent the money for rent, 15 bucks for food, and 50 for drinks. This year was much better though

If something awesome happens on your spring break that you’d like to share with BroBible, e-mail us. For the rest of us, there’s the Holiday Inn pool cam:

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