Hofstra Sigma Pi Frat In Hot Water After Jilted Ex-Pledge Sends Photos To Admins Depicting Aggressive Hazing Rituals

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Hofstra Chronicle

The Grand Council of Sigma Pi Fraternity International revoked the charter for Hofstra’s Eta-Gamma chapter effective March 1, 2016 after photos and videos of some interesting hazing rituals were made public.

According to The Hofstra Chronicle:

Photo and video evidence allegedly depicting rituals of the Fall 2014 and Fall 2015 pledge processes for the Sigma Pi fraternity at Hofstra University show pledging members were made to chug milk and vomit on one another, stay locked in a small cage and kneel blindfolded while their bodies were covered in hot sauce, among other hazing rituals performed at an off-campus residence.

Hofstra administrators were made aware of the hazing tactics after Syed Ali John Mehdi, a former student and member of Sigma Pi’s Spring 2015 Beta-Alpha class, sent an email titled “extreme hazing” accompanied with numerous pictures of the hazing he faced.

Pictured below is allegedly three members of the Fall 2015 pledge class lying on the ground while covered in flour. Not the worst.

The below photo allegedly features the smallest member of that class locked in a cage. Mehdi claims he was left in the cage after a fellow pledging student could not correctly answer a question about Sigma Pi history or the initiated members, according to The Hofstra Chronicle.

The most aggressive photo of them shows a dude kneeling on the ground in front of a swastika while covered in hot sauce.

“We had this thing called ‘Hell Night.’ They’d throw hot sauce all over our body and we’d have to sit there for hours all throughout the night,” Mehdi said. He claims the brothers used ghost pepper sauce, which was the most painful ritual they had to endure.

I bet you’re wondering why a former pledge would snitch on his classmates, especially after an executive board member warned about retaliation if anyone contested: “If you say anything to me I will make sure your balls feel the wrath of satan himself.”

Well, the plot thickens. Mehdi had his reasons.

Mehdi openly disclosed that he sent this information to the national organization after being barred from Greek life at Hofstra. He was then expelled from the University after being found responsible of “Sexual Assault_Non-Consensual Sexual Contact” by the Administrative Conduct Board after he allegedly “engaged in sexual touching of the complainant in this matter by pushing [his] groin against her buttocks while dancing, without her affirmative consent,” according to a letter Mehdi received from the Dean of Students Office.

Umm, I typically never support a snitch but if grinding on a girl in college is criminal, consider me Charles Manson.

Bottom line is that these dudes should be punished not so much for the hazing itself but for their boneheaded lack of due diligence. If you’re going to feature a swastika as the symbolic icon of your hazing rituals, you may not want to document it like a bunch of 16-year-old girls at a One Direction concert. Keep it in-house.

P.S. Mehdi, total bitch move to snitch just because you got railroaded for rubbing your hog on a butt. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

[h/t The Hofstra Chronicle]

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