Illinois Student And Aspiring Army Officer Creates Great Video Asking Abigail Ratchford To Frat Formal

Kadeem Williams wants to go on a date with the tantalizing Abigail Ratchford (Join the club poindexter). However, unlike you and me who just gawk at the alluring Abigail’s scalding Instagram with our pants off just hoping the magic date fairy will grant us a romantic rendezvous with the gorgeous glamour model, Kadeem is actually doing something to try to garner a date. Williams created a video asking Abigail to his frat’s formal.

The senior at Illinois University points out the many things that they have in common such as they’re nearly the same age, they both grew up Catholic, she’s a model for Sports Illustrated and he loves to read Sports Illustrated. Match made in heaven if I’ve ever seen one.

His hobbies include investing, hiking, sports, gaming and putting his social security number on a public YouTube video.

He’s a fan of Abigail’s sensational car wash video, and is enamored by it so much that he recreates it, but with him, and not Abigail Ratchford.

“Not only am I a student, but I’m looking to serve and be an officer in the United States Army,” Kadeem says in the video. “To commit myself to the war ethos and the Army values.”

Williams tries to sell himself to Abigail, “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture you and me being the perfect date.” BOOO!!!

Well he’s done more than any of us have done to try to get a date with the astounding Abigail Ratchford. So good luck Kadeem (And if you actually get a date with this stunning creature I will be so insanely jealous).

It actually looks appears that Kadeem has a chance.

Every guy just slapped their forehead and instantly regret not making a dopey video.

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