Four Illinois State Fraternities Teamed Up To Throw A Massive ‘Around The World’ Party, Spent $7,000 On Alcohol

I remember my first 250-cases-of-beer frat party…

No, I don’t. Because that is assload of beer. But in the grand scheme of things, when you have 714 people at your party, you need, NEED, to have no less than 8 beers per person. How else are they supposed to get drunk? On the 66 handles of liquor you bought? SMH.

Per Reader Email:

Subject: Around The World House Crawl at ISU
Message: Here is a highlight video of an Around The World party at Illinois State University. Video was just completed today. It is a 4 house, house crawl. Mexico, Germany, Ireland, America. 714 people paid (so there was probably more that snuck in) with a miraculous 0 arrests. The party lasted from noon-4pm with waves of people stumbling across campus to get from house to house.

Just incase you were curious, here’s the booze list:

-Mexico: 30 cases of Tecate, 30 cases of Corona Extra, 9 handles of Jose (pre cut limes)

-Germany: 30 cases of Becks, 30 cases of Pauli Girl, 16 bottles of Rumple Minze, 16 bottle of Goldschlager

-Ireland: 30 cases of Guinness, 25 cases of Harps, 25 cases of Smithwicks, 9 handles of Jameson, 14 bottles of Baileys

-America: 50 cases of Budweiser, 2 handles of Fireball.

The total of all that?