Kansas State University Bro Lands in Jail After Getting Caught With Cheeba Chews AKA Marijuana Candy

by 6 years ago

According to Local 15 News:

A student arrested for underage drinking on Spring Break had a bag of the candy in his pockets. It's called Cheeba Chew. It looks and feels like a “Tootsie Roll,” but it's a far cry form a piece of candy.

Cheeba Chews are touted as medicated chocolate taffy, only the medicine in the candy is marijuana.

Police say one Cheeba Chew is like smoking a joint. They say the candy, which is legal in some states and sold as medicinal marijuana, seems to have made to our area.

“Hey what's this? Is this illegal? Is it not legal? How do we find out? This item in particular I wasn't familiar with and the officers here I had spoke to weren't familiar with it,” said Lt. Bill Cowen with the Gulf Shores Police Department.

I think we can all agree that while the KSU Bro's situation is all BOO HOO and shit, the real story here is the goddamn pot candy. And according to The Weed Tour, “Cheeba Chews claim to produce the strongest edible in the state and as far as dedicated edible manufacturers go, I would have to agree.  They are a “chocolate taffy” that are akin to a Tootsie Roll and contain hash oil.  All aspects are made in-house to ensure they have '100% safe and solvent-free edibles on the market.' If Cheeba Chews did not sound great already, let me give you another factoid: CHEEBA CHEWS WILL GET YOU INCREDIBLY MEDICATED!  Keeping in mind that edibles will vary from batch to batch, these chews are very consistent with their potency.  A Quad-Dose contains around 80mg of activated THC, according to recent lab tests.”

Well, fuck. Sign me up.