Kanye West Gave A Very Terrible Speech After Receiving Honorary Doctorate From The Art Institute Of Chicago

Notorious “college dropout,” Kanye West was given an honorary doctorate by yesterday at The Art Institute of Chicago. In his mind, he probably thinks he earned it (SOMEHOW) and I really hope that causes him to become a total asshole about it, insisting that people refer to him as Dr. Kanye West. I think we can all agree that is the best case scenario here.

In receiving an honorary doctorate, it is customary for the recipient to give a speech to the graduating class. Usually these speeches run 10 to 20 minutes and they are filled with some sort of advice for the graduating class. Not Kanye West’s speech, though. He spewed a load of nonsensical bullshit about him receiving a doctorate will make life better for other people, talked about how he felt nervous to be honored, and he did that thing where he tries so very hard to hold in a smile.

Just smile, you fucking weirdo. It’s a hell of a lot easier than giving off whatever angsty vibe you think you have going for you.

J.Camm is the Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of BroBible.