This Story Is Exactly Why You Should Never, Under Any Circumstances, Attend The Same College As Your High School Ex

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College is for new, unique experiences and shedding your awkward, pimple-filled high school life to blossom into the best version of yourself so you can have sex with strangers.

What college is not for is proximity to the carcasses of old relationships. That shit can derail the new image you’re trying to sell like a cold sore can squander your chance at getting passed to in the blunt circle.

Well, the story of Ari Grossman and Kalya Torrey is a true tale of mutual destruction.

Freshman Ari Grossman filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court saying his ex-girlfriend and current classmate at Pace University Kalya Torrey started a spiteful battle by lying that he raped her in order prevent him from attending Pace, his dream school, according to the New York Post.

Their relationship ended when they were 15 years old, but they partied together after the breakup, with no bad blood. Grossman didn’t learn to Kalya’s disdain for him until he was admitted to Pace’s acting program, which prompted Torrey’s parents to call his and urge him to drop out, the lawsuit claims.

Grossman’s family was obviously like ‘go fuck yaself,’ so Torrey attempted to raise the stakes. She sought a temporary restraining order against Grossman, but the judge ordered the two just to steer clear of each other.

That proved to be impossible when they got to Pace, even in a University with nearly 9,000 undergrads. Each side went to the school’s administration accusing the other of stalking and harassment. Torrey filed so many complaints at the beginning of school (seven in one week) that the dean had to intervene and tell her to chill.

The precarious situation finally came to a head in November when Torrey accused Grossman of stalking her in the food hall. Grossman was tossed in a cell for 12 hours with his legs and hands in shackles after being charged with criminal contempt.

The NYPD has since dropped the charges after video surveillance from that day failed to prove stalking, according to the Post. Grossman is suing the school and Torrey for having him improperly arrested by campus security.

“It’s just been a horrible college experience for him,” [Grossman’s lawyer] Julie Goldberg said. “We feel at this point he is not being protected.”

Moral of the story: High school relationships are like jean cargo shorts–when you go to college, leave them at home.

[h/t New York Post]

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