Bro King Matthew McConaughey Drove Some Surprised UT Students Around Campus Just For The Hell Of It


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Matthew McConaughey is a hall of fame bro king. Dude is just living the life that we all dream of living. He’s famous, respected, loaded, has a hot wife, doesn’t really give a shit what people think of him, is having tons of fun, and gets to do just about anything he wants whenever he wants.

And what Matthew McConaughey wanted to do on Monday night was show up out of the blue and drive a bunch of University of Texas students around campus.

Reports KXAN

You can now add driver to the list of volunteer work for actor Matthew McConaughey.

He surprised a group of University of Texas students getting a ride from the school’s SURE Walk program. The program gives students free rides around and off campus every day from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Now there’s a college experience one will never forget. Well, except for that girl riding in the back. She doesn’t really seem to care at all. What’s her deal?