Matthew McConaughey Has An A+ Response For Anyone Who Doesn’t Like His Sweetass Lincoln Car Spots

by 4 years ago

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Matthew McConaughey is a boss. A bro king, if you will.

He is one of the coolest dudes on the planet. Whether he’s giving awesome motivational speeches, being the best meme of the 2016 Summer Olympics, or slaying it in his smooth as silk Lincoln car commercials, he’s always got things under control.

Speaking those sweet Lincoln ads, McConaughey really doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether anyone likes them or not.

In a great profile for that latest issue of Esquire, McConaughey had this to say to the haters…

As we drink our beer, all I’ve got to do is mention the ads and he cuts to the chase: “‘You just won an Oscar. What are you doing, doing a Lincoln commercial?'” And without pause he cuts to his answer:

“Fuck that. Because I’m going to. And I like ’em…”

In his tone, you can hear that McConaughey ain’t mad. Really. He’d be the first one to tell you he’s got nothing to complain about; he’s got a sweet life. The way he sees it, somebody fighting cancer—that’s a real problem. This Lincoln stuff, that’s “false drama.” He’s just sayin’.

“…and they pay well. And they allow me to go and do these other little movies for a lot less.”

Damn straight, Wooderson. You do you.

And seriously, how can anyone not like those ads? He talks about bulls…

Talks smack to his dogs…

And has spawned a jillion hilarious parodies…

What’s not to like?

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