Here’s Some Really Bad News For University Of Michigan Freshmen Who Can’t Hold Their Liquor

mom on phone


What happened at college, stayed at college. Nope. Not anymore. What happens at college gets sent to parents, at least if it’s getting busted for underage drinking and you’re new to campus.

The 2019 freshman class at The University of Michigan will be part of a new pilot program focused on alcohol violations. After receiving two or more alcohol violations — or one violation that results in medical attention or destruction of property — their parents will now receive a notification from the school.

The program focuses solely on first-year students and is part of a comprehensive program to reduce underage drinking through education, outreach, programming and policy.

So it’s basically three strikes and we’re calling mom and dad about your drinking issues, junior.

The old policy was that parents would only be notified with the drinking resulted in an emergency health situation. But here’s a way for drunk frosh to spin it to moms and pops. They’re not in trouble (unless they broke shit or did something else under the influence) because the phone call comes from a nurse and not the disciplinary office.

“This is not about someone doing something bad, this is about someone’s health and wellbeing,” explained Mary Jo Desprez, the wellness director at U-M. “That’s really an intentional decision.”

Administration thinks this will curb binging and bad decisions but freshmen but a few students think it’s just going to lead to more dangerous decisions.

“This reminds me of policies that my sheltered high school had,” she says. “It might make people not want to seek out medical attention when they need it … I think everyone would prefer if we were treated like adults.”

Your move, U of M.

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