Milo Yiannopoulos Vows To Return To UC Berkeley Whether School Administrators Like It Or Not

by 1 year ago

Political provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos is planning a grand comeback after resigning as editor from Breitbart News earlier this year.

The self-described “cultural libertarian” announced that he will be organizing a multi-day event called “Milo’s Free Speech Week” at the UC Berkeley campus.

In light of recent controversies, I am planning a huge multi-day event called MILO’S FREE SPEECH WEEK in Berkeley later this year. We will hold talks and rallies and throw massive parties, all in the name of free expression and the First Amendment. All will be welcome, regardless of political affiliation.

Free speech has never been more under threat in America — especially at the supposed home of the free speech movement. I will bring activists, writers, artists, politicians, YouTubers, veterans and drag queens from across the ideological spectrum to lecture, march, and party.

MILO’S FREE SPEECH WEEK will include events on the UC Berkeley campus. We will stand united against the “progressive” Left. We will loudly reject the venomous hectoring and moral hypocrisy of social justice warriors. Free speech belongs to everyone — not just the spoilt brats of the academy.

This will not please the administrators at the University of California at Berkeley since last time that Milo visited the campus approximately 150 members of BANM, an organization that is linked to Antifa, were protesting and a full-fledged riot broke out. Buildings were damaged and there were several fires from fireworks and Molotov cocktails. Milo’s speech was canceled and he was ushered away when the rioters attacked the venue he was going to hold his event.

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