Here Are the 20 Most Fun Colleges In America, According to Business Insider

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According to Business Insider, “Higher education is certainly an opportunity to study and learn, but college can also be the most fun four years in someone's life. There's good reason for this — college is a time of seemingly endless parties, a constant supply of alcohol, and cherished sports teams to cheer on with fellow students.” Joy oh joy oh joy. 

With that in mind, here are the most funnest of all the colleges, as per the research of Business Insider. Consider all those Freshman-back-from-college-during-Thankgiving-Break arguments, settled:

20. University of Notre Dame 

19. University of Missouri 

18. University of Wisconsin – Madison

17. Virginia Tech

16. University of Kansas

15. University of Mississippi

14. DePauw University

13. University of Georgia

12. Lehigh University

11. Kansas State University

10. University of California, Santa Barbara

9. Ohio University 

8. Florida State University

7. University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

6. Clemson University

5. West Virginia University

4. Syracuse University

3. University of Florida

2. University of Iowa

1. Pennsylvania State University — University Park


For the complete rankings and methodologies, head over to Business Insider

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