10 Awesome Non-Traditional Drinking Games for Your Next Party

Alright, it’s day-of-rager, and time to make sure you have everything in order. Keg? Check. Speakers? Check. Reasonable guy-girl ratio? Check. Gram of coke? Guys I’m kidding! OK. Clearly you have everything you need for a chill-as-fuck college party. Well, almost everything. The only thing you’re missing? Drinking games.

To be sure, drinking games have been around forever. Probably for as long as drinking. Or at least as long as parties. At olden-day parties everyone would get really drunk and play olden-day games like spear the boar or hit the Jews. Later they invented backgammon and checkers. At some point, some genius bros got really drunk and invented beer-pong, and that became the drinking game du jour on college campuses everywhere for everyone.

Now you’re a think-outside-the-box kind of bro, bro. Hell, you’re so ahead of the curve you were rocking snapbacks back when everyone was still wearing pro-back’s, which makes you pretty much a pioneer, or at the very least a trailblazer and/or maverick.

Now be honest with yourself. Shouldn’t your party to be a reflection of your maverickness? Of your trailblazerdom? Of your fuck-you-caution-to-the-wind-take-no-prisoners attitude? Of course it should. So why limit your drinking games to regular old beer-pong? I present “10 Non-Traditional College Drinking Games for Your Next College Party.”

1. Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare was a classic back when you were a young tumbleweed in the world. And isn’t sad how often we shed our childhood like old skin and leave it flailing in the wind. Do yourself a favor: revive Truth or Dare at your next college party. Only turn it into a drinking game. How? Easy! Anytime anyone does anything, everyone drinks.  

2. Edward 40 Hands

Everyone tapes a 40 to either hand, and you can’t take them off until each one is finished. You’ll need two 40’s and some duct tape for this one. This also complicates things if you have to pee, so either finish up, or risk pissing yourself.

3. Boxing

A traditional Irish drinking game. Everyone circles up. Two people are chosen to go in the middle and box each other. The loser is knocked out and/or severely injured. The winner drinks and faces another opponent.

4. Beat The Bar Tender

This is actually a bar drinking game. It works as follows. Go up to the bar an order a shot of say, tequila (why not?) When the bartender comes back with your drink, overpay for it in cash (so like if it’s three dollars, give him a five.) Finish your drink while he’s away getting you change. When he gets back, order another drink and continue overpaying. The goal is to finish by the time he gets back. Do this as many times as possible until you either pass out or get kicked out of the bar.

5. Jenga

You’ll need a Jenga set for this one. Pretty much works like traditional jenga, only anytime someone successfully moves a block with out the whole this toppling over, they get to tell somebody to drink. If you do happen to topple the whole thing over, well, you gotta finish your drink or take off your clothes or something.

6. Numbers

Go around asking girls for numbers. Guy who gets the most phone numbers at the end wins.

7. Where’s your girlfriend?

Go up to girls with boyfriends and start hitting on them. First guy to get in a fight with a boyfriend and win wins.

8. Strip Poker

An often overlooked classic, and a great way to get people naked at your next party.

9. Scavenger Hunt

Hide something around the house like bottles of beer, or photos of your roommate Allen, or puppies, or fucking something. Then have people look for those things. Winner gets a little trophy, or, if you go a bougie private school, maybe like fifty bucks.

10. Color War

A little elaborate but, split up your party into teams say, reds and blues. Then pretty much run through games 1-9 with the two teams opposing each other. This gives everyone at your party a brief if fleeting sense of team spirit, and also sets people against each other which is healthy.

Alright, that’s it. Go hard. Be safe.

Isaac Himmelman is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles, CA. His BroBible archive is here. You can follow his shit on Twitter @isaachimmelman.

[Strip poker image via Shutterstock]