This Oklahoma State Frat Bro Is A Bodybuilder With One Leg And An Inspiration To Us All

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Bros, meet your new Bro spirit animal. His name is Tyler Zander. He’s a senior at Oklahoma State University. He’s a brother in Farmhouse fraternity. He’s pre-med, and dreams of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. He’s absolutely shredded.

He also only has one leg following a workplace accident in a grain elevator the summer before his freshman year of college. In his own words, via Men’s Health:

Three years ago while working at a grain elevator, one of my coworker’s legs fell into a grain auger, and in my rescue attempt my leg was caught as well. After escaping almost certain death, 72 days in the hospital, and 30 surgeries, I arrived home as a 92 lb high school senior. Following physical therapy I started training again like I had prior to my accident, and today I weigh 160 lbs without a leg. This lifestyle has helped me run with a prosthetic whenever I was told by prosthetists and doctors that I would never walk without crutches.

According to TSM, which put Tyler’s story on our radar, he came home from surgery weighing only 92 pounds.

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But losing his leg didn’t stop Tyler from being a BEAST in the gym. He put in incredible work, becoming an absolute stud with his gains. It’s an inspiration to Bros everywhere. Now he’s competing in the Men’s Health Ultimate Guy Search, where he explains his routine:

I stay fit and healthy by lifting and circuit training at least five days a week. As a hip-disarticulation amputee being physically at my best is necessary for me to pursue all of the goals in my life from mission trips abroad to just being a normal college student. Most importantly, I know it is crucial for my pursuit of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. Being a surgeon is difficult as is, but becoming a one-legged surgeon will require me to always be in the best physical condition.

Check out what he can do via his Instagram:

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