Ole Miss Frat Members Have Biggest Shit-Eating Grins For Beating Man ‘Within An Inch Of His Life’

See these cumstains in the photo above? They aren’t boasting smiles from ear to ear because they all just won $135,511,962 from playing Powerball with one lucky ticket from their job at the pork rind factory. And they aren’t flaunting their pearly whites because it’s picture day at their school. Nope. These fucksticks are beaming with pure happiness because they got arrested for jumping a man and injuring him so badly that he suffered a concussion, ruptured eardrum, bruised lung, bruised ribs, bruised groin and broken teeth.

These five students from the Ole Miss mauled Sigma Pi member Jeremy Boyle so badly that the victim’s grandfather, Robert, said his grandson was “beaten within an inch of his life.”

The attack happened on October 6, when Boyle heard a noise outside of the house, and went to investigate. He was then mercilessly battered.

Tucker Cole Steil, James Declan Basile, Christian Guy, Kyle Hughes and Austin Rice were taken into custody on Friday, and booked into the Lafayette County Jail.

Tucker Cole Steil is charged with felony assault. James Declan Basile is charged with simple assault, hazing and larceny — all misdemeanors. Christian Guy, Kyle Hughes and Austin Rice are charged with misdemeanor larceny.

Jeremy’s father, Brian Boyle, told the Daily Mississippian that the family is very upset about the university’s reaction to the entire incident:

“What we’re finding is the leniency we’ve had so far on these assailants. That’s the biggest problem. They had gone through the university’s justice system and were for all intents and purposes, slapped on the wrist. In the mean time, you’ve got accused felons walking around the campus.”

The University of Mississippi has a zero-tolerance policy for hazing.

These jerkoffs definitely look somber and remorseful for their heinous actions.