This Penn State Fraternity Got Suspended For Having A ‘Secret’ Facebook Page Full Of Naked Passed-Out Chicks

Nothing says “honor above all things” like taking photos of passed-out naked chicks and then uploading the photos to a “secret” Facebook group, which is exactly what Kappa Delta Rho’s motto is as well as what their Delta Rho chapter at Penn State University did to get themselves royally fucked by PSU administration. It’s one thing to receive and share nudes – which is disgusting in itself, but hey if someone’s sending you naked pictures of themselves then you get what you get – but these girls weren’t conscious. They were either sleeping or passed out, which means that the men of KDR took the photos without their consent and then shared them with other brothers.

Way to be perverts, guys.

Actually, I take that back – KDR is just full of idiots. Any regular ol’ sex offender pervert would know better than to throw their photos into Facebook groups consisting of current students and alumni. The more people on board the more likely it is that your boat will spring a leak.

Several members of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity contributed photos to the Facebook pages, according to a search warrant obtained by local news station WJAC TV.

One page, called “Covert Business Transactions”, was deleted after a victim allegedly discovered the page. In its place, fraternity members created a second version called “2.0”, police said.

State College police said nearly 150 current students and alumni had access to the private pages, which also included photos of hazing and drug sales. Most of the other photos were primarily of women, partially clothed.

“It appears they were passed out or sleeping,” Lt Keith Robb of the State College police told WJAC TV.

Via The Guardian

Kappa Delta Rho was suspended after Penn State’s Office of Student Conduct and Interfraternity Council learned about the Facebook page, and their national office is currently reviewing the chapter’s membership.

For those of you who were never in Greek life, all of that basically translates to “Y’all are hella fucked.”

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