Phi Kappa Psi At Ohio University Remade Chi Omega’s Rush Video To Show How Stupid Rush Videos Are


Whenever we get a sorority rush video sent in I want to cry. Not because srat rush videos are sad or anything, but because they are, without a doubt, the most ridiculously stupid waste of time and Youtube server space ever created. Every fucking video is the same, usually along the lines of this:

“Omg I love my sisters!”
“Omg I love THESE sisters too!”
“Omg I love jumping around and smiling!”
“Smiling is great!”
“Happy happy happy happy happy!”

For example, take Chi Omega at Ohio University’s rush video:

The FUCK are you all so happy about??? You’re all jumping around on a deck in black dresses, wa-fucking-hoo. Is there a live concert going on? Did you all win the lottery? Or did whoever decide what this video was going to look like say “Okay, now we need a shot of the 8 prettiest girls in our chapter jumping around like crack heads.”



Not to say that this only goes on in Chi O’s video, because it happens in EVERY SINGLE ONE. Since when has watching people hop around made you want to join a sorority? Answer: never. And then we get to watch them jump around on an empty campus sidewalk with pom-poms, still for no apparent reason.


But then again, why the fuck not? Someone needs to make a rush video where they’re waving around rotisserie chickens, because those are just as random as pom-poms in a non-sports even setting.


That’s much better. Oh, and don’t forget the obligatory bikini sunbathing shot WHEN THE SUN ISN’T EVEN OUT.


I could keep going, but I don’t have to since watching Phi Kappa Psi remake the entire thing with men shows you just how absurd the whole notion of “Let’s make a video showing how happy we are so girls will want to rush our sorority!” is.