16 Prison Slang Terms You Should Definitely Use At College

by 4 years ago

Prisoners in yard

You speak a completely different language at school than you do at home.

Everyone on campus knows the slang terms for the cafeteria, the library, the dorms and even the nicknames given to almost everyone on campus. Step foot outside school walls and no one knows what the hell you’re talking about when you drop those same terms in casual conversation. The people at school know who and what you’re referring to because there’s a shared experience.

But here’s the problem with those slang terms — everyone on campus knows what they mean so it’s hard to discuss certain topics without people eavesdropping and understanding you’re calling some chick easy or that a resident assistant is looking to bust your ass for any possible reason. You need to come up with your own set of slang terms that only a select few friends on campus know.

It’s for these reasons I propose adopting the slang of our national penitentiaries. Yup, that’s right, prison slang. Most slang terms is they’re easy to decipher by people on the outside. But not prison terms. Prison terms are insane. Ninja turtles, monster, kites have nothing to do with the cartoon, an energy drink or Ben Franklin’s favorite hobby.

From this awesome list of prison slang, I grabbed the 16 best terms to use on campus this year. Make sure to only share among your closest bros. Who knows, these terms might even come in handy should you actually spend some time in jail this semester.

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