OSU Student Records Professor Walking Into Class Every Day And It’s Fascinating As Hell For One Reason

Professor Walking Into Class


Watching a video of a professor walking into his classroom every morning sounds like the most boring YouTube clip ever but it’s fascinating as hell. Why? Because the prof walks into the room THE EXACT SAME WAY EVERY DAY.

Brock Hersch, a student at Ohio State University, noticed his professors daily routine and started to record every morning. He edited all of the videos together and posted it to Twitter.


That’s creepy as hell. His entrances are not “kind of the same” and not “similar” but he does the exact same walk every day. His steps, the way he holds the books, even the way his right arm swings out of the way of the door frame and he cuts right into the room. Even his mouth opens in the same odd way. The only thing that changes is his shirt (and maybe his pants) but everything else is oddly similar.

Now it’s got me wondering if I do the same things every day. Hmmm. Walking into work, sit down at my desk, turn on my computer, cry for a half hour and then start to work. YUP! Exactly the same every day!

[via GQ]