15 Great Resources to Help You Find a Job After College

Life after college can be a difficult transition for anyone. It wasn't the greatest time in the world for me either. I finished school and thought I would have to change phone numbers to stop the employers from calling. Not so fast Thomas. That isn't what happened at all. Instead, I spent the majority of my time finding any job that would take me with a washed up resume. It wasn't long before I was working at Best Buy.

Nothing wrong with working at Best Buy, that isn't my point. All I want you to understand is that the job hunt won't be pretty right after college graduation. You will have to earn your way into the job you want. Everyone wants the next job in line. Nobody wants to be at the bottom and work their way up the ladder. But guess what folks, that is life. College was fun, life is hard. 

Lucky for you, I have found 25 great resources that will help you along the way. They might not be perfect but if you use some of these resources, your chances of obtaining the job you want increase exponentially.

15. VolunteerMatch.org

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that once you graduate from college, you will be jobless and bored. Instead of spending all your time hoping to get the job you want, waste it volunteering. It is a great way to meet people and increase your social network. VolunteerMatch is a great place to find jobs, non-paying of course, to fill that free time in your life. Don't waste your post graduate days watching American Idol. Get out there.

14. LiveCareer.com

If you think working at Taco Bell and Target will look impressive on a resume, you should probably reconsider a few options. That is when Live Career comes into play. It is a great resource for helping yourself out because, let's face it, resumes suck. It is one of the toughest things to do. You need to be able to learn how to make it great and not rush it into the bottom of the pile because that is what happens to the stale resumes, they fall to the bottom.

13. CareerPath.com

Not everyone knows what they want to do with their lives right after college. Most people just want to get through school, grab their degree, and move on to the real world. And they do it without figuring out what they want to do with their lives. CareerPath is a great place to take assessments, quizzes, and tests to see what you might be good at. It is also a great place to find jobs too.

12.  WordPress.org

In this day and age, technology is a part of our everyday lives. Even our televisions have Wi-Fi access these days. So it is about time you write your own blog on WordPress. It doesn't have to be anything too controversial, just a blog about special interests you have and things you love. It is a great way to get your name out on the internet, especially if you don't know what you want to do with your life. This can end up being a resource further down the road as a reference for your work.

11. Monster.com

There are plenty of websites available to you for job hunting and you shouldn't use only one. Not every employer uses all the job sites on the web. Spread out your network and post your resume on several of the major job sites out there. Monster.com is one of the biggest and most organized. It has plenty of added resources to use like a resume builder, live chat, and online help blogs for new job hunters.

10. CareerRookie.com

CareerRookie.com isn't the biggest online job resource but it is one of the best. It centers around part-time jobs, internships, and entry level jobs. It eliminates the other jobs and narrows down the search to something more specific to you, a recent college grad. 

9. College Career Services

Every college has a career center but most people don't take advantage of it. Maybe it is time you did. Spend the extra 30 minutes on campus and go see what it is all about. Ask questions, take notes, be assertive for once. Most of the services you will find are free and invaluable to your future successes.

8. CareerCast.com

CareerCast.com is yet another great online job market that all college grads should use. As with most of the online job sites, this one has it all. It covers everything from career advice to resume assistance. It even has great articles written by some of the nation's top experts on job hunting. You cannot have enough resumes floating around online. It can only help you.

7. Learn How to Interview for a Job

The number one mistake all college graduates make when applying for a new job is failing to prepare for the interview. If you think you can use your suave and humor to win over an interview, you are wrong. You need to be ready for anything. One of the best sites, even if it is a little boring, for job interview help is the Job Interview Site. Take a moment to read all you can about the interview process. Being prepared has never been a bad thing.

6. Government Jobs

Government jobs are great especially as a recent college graduate. Your degree will get you a salary bump right out the gate. If you thought about working for the government, don't waste your time today, make it happen and apply immediately. You will be able to climb the career ladder quicker and earn the money you think you are worth.

5. Salary.com

Just because you are starting out, doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of your own self worth. Knowing your value before searching for a job is the fastest way to success. College graduates end up taking the first thing they are offered, regardless of salary. This is your chance to know the cards before they are even dealt. 

4. LinkedIn.com

Why aren't you already building a profile for LinkedIn? When Facebook came out, it was great. But it has now become so large, it cannot seem to control itself. LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals. It is a great place to meet others and not have to worry about whether you posted a picture of your 90 second keg stand. All you need to worry about is how important a career is once you graduate. 

3. AfterCollege.com

AfterCollege.com is one of the most organized websites on the internet for college graduates. It takes half of my list and combines it in a one stop shop. You can figure out what kind of job you want to pursue, apply for that job, and even discover other opportunities you had yet to realize.

2. Yahoo Finance 

Don't just apply for a job for the hell of it, do your homework. Do some research and find out about the company you want to work for to see if you will enjoy working for them. The best place to research a company is Yahoo Finance. It is a perfect spot to find all the financial information about almost any company. 

1. CareerBuilder.com

One of the largest online job sites in the world is CareerBuilder.com. You can't get a job without posting a resume for employers to search. Once you have had your resume constructed, put it online. Don't be afraid to fail, that is the first reason people never succeed.