Looking At These ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram’ Spring Break Pics Is Making Me Wish My Dad Worked A Little Harder


Spring break, man. The week long Christmas for college kids. Marathon drinking binges, deplorable decisions, dwindling bank accounts, and butts. So many butts. It’s that time of year when everyone makes new friends but then immediately forgets them the next day. Anything is possible when every morning the ‘Reset’ button is hit. That’s the magic of it.

And then there is a whole new level of spring break where Natty Ice is exchanged for $1,000 bottles of champagne and helicopters and yachts are substituted in place of banana boats. This is the life of the Rich Kids of Instagram, or as I call them Rich Offspring of Instagram. I actually have never called them that, but I will start.

Check out how some of the world’s super rich millennials spent their spring break. You won’t see one funnel or passed out chick in a sand dune. Pathetic.

Hey babe, thanks for the advice. Most is always easier to spend when it’s not yours, asshat.


Fuck ’em. Poor people have more fun anyway.
spring break

I hate my life.

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