Rich White Kid Allegedly Worth $200 Million Makes Rap Video About How Great His Trust Fund Is

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a video of a rich, entitled college kid making a clown out of himself in a rap video. But this particular rap video from a kid who calls himself “Young C.E.O.” just might be worse than syphilis. It’s called “Secret Illuminati Rap Video Leaked” and it’s had me scratching my head since I first watched it yesterday. I can’t unsee it.

While this kid’s parents are vacationing in Aruba over the holidays, he’s showing off their cars and pretending to be hard AF. His female acquaintances look like the Rick’s Cabaret Tuesday lunch shift. And his voice sounds like beached sealion dying of constipation. Hope he took a laxative after getting out of the recording booth.

According to TFM, a cryptic Facebook message said this kid is worth 200 million but that’s dubious hypemongering at best. This kid has watched Wolf Of Wall Street WAYYYYYY too many times with his Avon Old Farms prep school squad.

Greenwich? Darien? Westport? Rye? New Canaan? This kid scream Metro North New Haven line try-hard. Lil Dickey did it much better with Fetty Wap, kid.

Despite all my loathing for this East Coast Malibu’s Most Wanted, I bet secretly he’s a lowkey a beast in turf dogs on the lacrosse field.

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