University Of Texas Sigma Chi Fight Night Raises $100,000 For Charity As Bros Knock Each Other Out In The Ring

The Sigma Chi’s at UT have been holding an annual ‘Fight Night’ charity event since 1976, and in the 38th year of the event they’ve absolutely demolished the previous record for funds raised.

This year the University of Texas Sigma Chi chapter raised a total of $100,123 at the event that was headlined by rapper 2 Chainz, and which pitted representatives of various student organizations against each other 1-on-1 in the boxing ring.

My first question is: why in the hell weren’t there charity events as awesome as this when I was at FSU? And my second question is: how the heck did a fraternity get 2 Chainz to perform? I’m impressed all around.

The Odyssey’s David Maly reports:

Sigma Chi’s been hosting the event since 1976, with the event’s previous fundraising record set last year at roughly $40,000. The event pits UT students against each other in an amateur boxing tournament at the Sigma Chi house, often on behalf of student organizations. It also features musical performances, with this year’s headliner being 2 Chainz. Fight Night Chairman Derrick Porter attributed this year’s increased success to more support from alumni and donors. “The big spike was due to an increased participation with alumni and a few big donors that decided to step in,” Porter said.

Porter said in a press release that the total raised was $100,123, most of which will go to two national cancer foundations, The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation and the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. He said in the statement that some funds will also go to two local charities, The 100 Club of Central Texas and the Boys & Girls Club at Wooldridge Elementary in Austin. More than 2,000 people attended this year’s event, which included 11 different boxing bouts representing 20 different campus organizations, according to the statement.

Bain said that Sigma Chi is going to try to outdo itself next year,and that he’s just blown away with by year’s success. He said he thinks that Fight Night is so successful because of what a unique experience it brings to Greek fundraising. “The idea of a boxing event is really cool,” Bain said. “It was a lot of fun. You know, you get your friends to riot around you to fight, and that draws in people that want to watch their friends or watch people they know.”

Landon Mosley, who just finished his term as Sigma Chi’s philanthropy chair, said he thinks students getting to represent their organizations in the bouts plays a big role in the event’s success. “I think that really brings out a lot in people, being able to fight for your fraternity or your organization,” Mosely said.

And here’s a ton of photos from the event:

I’d be willing to place a massive wager that the UT Sigma Chi’s inbox is blowing up with inquiries as to how they get this event together (paperwork, red tape, etc), when every other frat in the nation discovers how incredible the fight night charity can be.

For more on this story you can read The Odyssey’s write up and interview with the chapter HERE, or check out the event’s Facebook page HERE.


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