Army Bro’s Girlfriend Makes A ‘Signs You’re Dating A West Point Cadet’ Video, Gets Instantly Compared To ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’



Youtuber Rachel Wynn is really, really into the fact that her fiancée is a cadet West Point. She recently uploaded a video breaking down the “signs you’re dating a West Point cadet” and a West Point cadet e-mailed it to BroBible, saying:

West Point is blowing up tonight about a video posted by some girl dating a senior cadet. She titles it “Signs you’re dating a West Point cadet” and it is hilariously similar to the overly attached girlfriend videos/meme.

First, let’s watch it. I’ll save the commentary for after the fact:

We’re told it’s also blowing up on West Point’s Yik Yak. I downloaded Yik Yak just to check this out. Here’s a few gems I found from the Anonymous discussion app that’s popular on college campuses right now:


Yik Yak West Point

yak-2 yak-3 yak-4 yak-5 yak-6 yak-7

I don’t know what to think here. Gut reaction is “barf barf barf with this overly cutesy, obsessively batshit girlfriend shit.” The other part of me is like “Awwww. They’re in love, engaged, and he’s going to graduate and deploy and they’re going to have a wedding and babies and all that shit. Good for them. Love is nice. And mad props for your service and bravery, Bro. You are 9000x smarter and have bigger balls than my lame blogger ass ever will.”

But still… No matter who you are, overly cutesy videos of girls gushing about their man will ALWAYS make a Bro cringe and ALWAYS constitute the a solid busting-of-balls from the dudes who actually know him. I mean, for crying out lout…. “The shortest phone call can make your day”… “A receipt from the last time you saw him”…. “You’re life is a constant countdown until the next time you see him”… “You hardly see him or talk to him so you start to think he’s an imaginary boyfriend…. Did I make this up?”…. ” YOU HAVE A CAMO PILLOW WITH HIS FACE ON.

Ummmmmmm…..I just puked. I hope she has girlfriends to go get Starbucks with and school/a career to occupy her time with because sitting around watching “Army Wives” episodes on Netflix waiting for two minute Skype sesh probably isn’t a healthy way to go about your life.

But hey, who am I to tell you what do?