UW-Madison Student Charged With Sexually Assaulting Multiple Girls, Kept Notebook With ‘Grooming & Stalking’ Techniques

Today in Campus Creeps: Meet Alec Cook. Alec is a 20-year-old junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who is in deep shit after being charged with 30 criminal charges, including four sexual assault charges from four different girls.

The Minnesota native was charged on Wednesday with multiple sexual assault counts after a woman alleged that he assaulted her at his apartment earlier this month, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. He was then re-arrested on Thursday after another woman claimed he sexually assaulted her in 2015. Then, a third came forward.

Allegations aren’t infallible, but the notebook that police found in Cooks apartment certainly doesn’t help his case. According to Assistant District Attorney Colette Sampson:

“During the execution of a search warrant of Cook’s apartment, Sampson said, police found a notebook that contains what is believed to be his grooming and stalking techniques for numerous women. There were more than 20 such notebooks, she said, but only one has been reviewed by investigators so far.”

The index page of the notebook reportedly listed the interests of the women that Cook was pursuing, what he would do with them, and one column simply marked, “kill,” reports the Wisconsin State Journal.

Chris Van Wagner, Cook’s lawyer, gave the ultimate spin job to the notebooks found by authorities, claiming he himself was an English Literature major in college and “every single short story could be interpreted 12 ways.” “Kill” actually means “Netflix and Chill.” Duh.

Charges brought on Cook will include 11 felony sexual assault counts, two counts of false imprisonment, one strangulation count and more than 15 misdemeanor sexual assault counts, she said.

What’s scary is that this dude made it through three full years at a higher learning institution before being outed as a potential serial predator. He is not a complete aberration–these types of dudes are embedded in campuses all across the country, so if you’ve caught wind of someone acting inappropriately or have been the victim yourself, please contact someone. Easier said than done, I know, but you could be prohibiting these lunatics from harming others.

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