Student Suffers Epic Meltdown After Seeing A Trump Sign

Some individuals have had a tough time since the election results on November 8 that made Donald J. Trump the President of the United States. That includes this young woman who was triggered by the mere sight of a sign that supporting the President of the United States.

An art major at Western Washington University went berzerk after seeing a sign that read, “Trump: Borders, Laws, Jobs, Liberty, USA.”

The meltdown lasted for two minutes as she screamed like a banshee and splattered paint on the ground in an “artistic protest.”

The sign was being held by Eric Bostrom, who is a preacher. He blamed her hysteria on smoking marijuana.

Students check on the screaming woman and she says that she is fine. A woman who appears to be an administrator asks if she is okay and she responds, “call the police, bitch.”

That is one epic public freakout.


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