Student Newspaper Suspended after Dedicating Issue to Sex

From the Huffington Post:

Central New Mexico Community College's administration suspended the CNM Chronicle after the sex issue was published Tuesday, according to multiple local reports.

“People were pulling all the papers off the stands and weren't identifying themselves until I asked and they said they were part of the administration,” CNM Chronicle Editor-In-Chief Jyllian Roach told New Mexico's KOB-TV. “They were pulling papers off the stand and actually out of peoples' hands.”

Roach defended the CNM Chronicle's decision to devote this week's edition to sex.

“It’s a sex issue but it really focuses on education,” the editor-in-chief explained to the ABQ Journal.


So what's in the issue? Stories on “Your Favorite Sex Position,” “How to Buy the Right Toy,” and “Saying No: Why Some Students Choose Abstinence.” (What's that in doing in there?) In other words, benign material that nearly every student at the school was already well-versed in. BUT, it was just controversial enough to shut down the student paper indefinitely. Even though this issue was undoubtedly the most read issue of the year, student newspapers rely on advertising dollars, and the people who provide the advertising dollars—proprietors of local restaurants and bars and shops—were probably estactic to see such a high percentage of students holding their ads. Alright, Puritanism!

Below is the whole thing. It's still online because the school's administrators are A.) Idiots and B.) Don't know that the Internet exists. The dildos on the cover were a nice touch.