Clever Students Shared The Ingenious Ways They Cheated Through School. So Take Notes, Cheaters

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The older you get the more you question the phrase ‘cheaters never prosper’, because with every year that passes you see more and more people get ahead in life by cutting corners. At this point in my life I’m not only convinced that cheaters do prosper, but that cheaters nearly ALWAYS prosper. That is of course the person doing the cheating isn’t a complete dumbass and cheats in a clever manner and/or covers his tracks.

Don’t believe me? Well, I’ve pulled the best responses (out of thousands) over on an AskReddit thread titled ‘How did you cheat school?’, all of which you can see below. If you’re in the market to do some cheating at school I’m not going to endorse it, but I’ll at least say you should cheat in as effective a manner as possible because I don’t want you getting caught.

How To Cheat Your Way Through School And Not Get Caught


In boarding school a group of us got our hands on our the question for our final english exam (based on a book we were reading). Spent the next week writing the best paper I could before the actual exam. I used a small razor blade and cut one of the blank pages out of the book we were reading that semester (and able to take into the exam) and copied the exact font, spacing, page margins etc. and printed the paper I had written onto it. Stuck it in the middle of the book. Walked into the exam – the teacher checked my book for notes and found nothing. Copied it out word for word during the exam and then pulled the page out and ate it. Got a C


Not me, but rather someone I went to high school with. The student in question wore a hijab for religious and cultural reasons (She was Arab-American). Well, on test days in our maths classes, she would download an MP3 track with maths formulas she had recorded onto her iPod, put on her earbuds and cover them up with her hijab, take the test, and then ace it.
I only knew about this because I accidentally walked in on her in the bathroom putting in her earbuds, but I didn’t tell the teacher because I thought her method of cheating on tests was fucking brilliant.

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