This Kid From SUNY OSWEGO Really Wants To Be Jimmy Fallon’s Intern, So He Made A Song About It

If there’s a video that needs to go viral today, it’s this one from Sam Berman, a loyal BroBible reader since his high school days. Sam is a junior at SUNY Oswego in upstate New York (Go Lakers!) and really badly wants to be Jimmy Fallon’s intern in New York City this summer. Rather than sending something boring and lame like a resume bragging about his qualifications to Fallon’s people, he made this music video outlining why he should get an internship at The Tonight Show. Here’s the e-mail he sent us earlier this morning:

Hey! I made a YouTube video of me rapping an original song to become an Intern with Jimmy Fallon this Summer. All the help I can get would be awesome. I’m not gonna bullshit you, I have been following BroBible since I was a junior in HS and I am now a junior in College. If you could post this video asking bros to help me share, that would be awesome.

Done and done, Sam. We help Bros out when they need it here at BroBible.

Jimmy, you gotta hire this guy: A++ effort. There’s no doubt he’s upstaged your other candidates for summer internships. His Excel and bacon, egg, and cheese retrieval skills are second to none. This kid can weave and juke his way to the front of the Rockefeller Center Starbucks line like a champ without forgetting anyone’s orders. Plus, listen to this kids voice? He really hits some incredible low notes on the chorus that would make Isaac Hayes smile from the grave. Jimmy, you know you’d want to go sake-bombing in K-town with Sam before hitting up the karaoke bars to belt out Sugar Ray songs together. The viral potential is huge.

Ballsy move, Sam. I like it. This is how you land a dope media internship in 2015. I think we should do whatever we can to make it happen, Bros. Tweet this at Fallon, his producers, his writers, and everyone associated with the Tonight Show so it gets noticed and Sam gets the job. We’re gonna get a BroBible reader his dream internship… Letttt’sssss goooo!!!!!