I Can’t Stop Watching These Syracuse Geeks Grill a Steak on Molten Lava

Could you eat a steak right now? What about a steak charred over FREAKIN’ LAVA. A British chef named Sam Bompas travelled to Syracuse University to cook some steaks on lava created by a so-called “artificial volcano” that reaches heats of 2,700F. He tells his tale to the Daily Mail:

Although it was the first time steak has been cooked on lava, the results mean that the chef hopes it won’t be the last – and says cooking over lava could be the ultimate way to prepare steak.

‘When you cook on a barbecue you get a lot of smoke.

‘Because lava is pure heat, you get meat sealed v quickly, and with a very even char.’

The team even developed a special technique, sealing the meat with an initial blast of lave, letting it rest, then finishing it off.

‘It was awesome – and totally delivers, in fact it was the best steak I’ve ever had in my life,’ said Bompas.

The firm now hope to develop the technique for an event.

‘We are hoping we can scale the lava flow and do this elsewhere, we have big plans.

‘We want to create a lava banquet for 500 people – you can combine education, thrill and have an experience you’ll want to tell everyone about.’

I would rent an RV and drive to Syracuse to tailgate this fall if someone promised me a meal of steak cooked over molten lava. I take my tailgating pretty seriously, but that would be the most thing I’ve ever done before a football game. The temptation to throw my beer cans in the lava just to watch them melt afterwards, though, would be very very high.



[H/T: Stool]

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