Syracuse Student Leaves Note For Couple Having Crazy Loud Sex Next Door, Gets Incredible Response

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If there was one complaint I wouldn’t mind getting from a neighbor, it’s “hey can you stop being such a fucking sex god?” I’d much rather this than the usual gripe I get: “hey can you keep it down, my roommates and I can hear you crying while watching porn.” Fuck off, Stacey from 2D, I was crying because my goldfish died. I just happen to do it every time I watch porn. BACK OFF.

Anyway, a Syracuse University student named Jenna Levine evidently was not prepared for the point of college: sex on sex on sex. Poor Jenna was blindsided by the fact that college is just a fuckfest masquerading as an “educational experience.” So when she consistently heard her hallmates fucking like the world was ending, she decided to slip a little note under their door urging them to take it down a couple notches.



I know I’m not the only one who believes that this dude should hang this note on his fridge next to the STD test that came up negative. I’d wear this shit like a red badge of courage.


The sex crazed couple decided to bury by putting something in her mouth: a candy bar.



They also left a note apologizing for having fun.



There is only one real solution to this issue: a full-blown sex off.

[h/t LADbible]

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