Cops Raid UCF Frat For Having ‘Suspicious Powder’, Turns Out That Powder’s Just For Gains And Getting Swole

On Friday night 35 brothers of the University of Central Florida Theta Chi fraternity were evacuated from their frat house after cleaning crews found ‘suspicious powder’ inside the frat house. The UCF Theta Chi house was getting a heat-to-toe cleaning for the week of sorority rush, and after cleaning crews found a cup of the ‘suspicious powder’ UCF Police were called in as well as Orange County Fire Rescue.

The Orange County fire squad evacuated 35 people and ran field tests on the suspicious powder, and to the dismay of everyone other than the Theta Chi bros the ‘suspicious powder’ turned out to be nothing more than harmless protein powder, powder that is used for gains, and powder that is in NO WA suspicious. This is a case of over eager law enforcement. These bros were just trying to see some gains and bulk up before College Football Season.


The Theta Chi Fraternity at the University of Central Florida released a statement on Friday regarding the evacuation of their frat house and both campus police, local police, and the fire department showing up to investigate a brother’s protein powder:

Earlier this afternoon a UCF representative conducted a walkthrough of the Theta Chi house. She found a cup of BCAA workout protein powder, incorrectly assumed it was an illegal substance and informed the authorities. It has since been deemed a false alarm and the chemical tests have confirmed it. We have and will comply with all UCF and law enforcement officials in this matter. The gentlemen of Theta Chi do not promote the use of any illegal substances and are committed to a zero-tolerance policy on the matter.

As annoying as it would be to evacuate your frat house on a Friday afternoon the people you almost have to feel for in this case are the incompetent cleaners + law enforcement who made a HUGE DEAL out of protein powder. These idiots are inside a frat house cleaning and see a ‘suspicious powder’ and assume the worst? Not that it’s probably protein powder that came from that massive plastic tub sitting next to the glass. These people would probably have called the police if they found insulin needles as well, right?

Central Florida Future has more on the story:

When a suspicious white powder was found at the UCF Theta Chi house, Orange County Fire Rescue made its whey to campus to get the scoop. After two rounds of tests, officials found the substance to be no more than protein powder.
A cleaning crew was preparing the fraternity house for sorority recruitment Friday when they found a cup of powder, said UCF Police Department spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin. After reporting it to UCF PD, Greek Park Drive was temporarily shut down and about 30 people were evacuated.
A first test indicated the substance was protein powder, but fire rescue ran a second helping just to be sure — which also proved to be no more than a harmless way of bulking up.
From the start, UCF PD believed the substance to be protein powder.
“We don’t think there is much to this,” Gilmartin said before the powder was tested. ” … We anticipate this wrapping up quickly.”
And so it did. Police began clearing the scene around 1:40 p.m.

There’s a reason they’re campus police and not REAL officers of the law.

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