Princeton Eating Club Left Gargling Hot Water After Freshman Blows Senior On The Dance Floor

The Tiger Inn eating club at Princeton fired two of its top officers after a misogynistic email surfaced. The email was also accompanied by a photo of a freshman member of the eating club performing oral sex on a senior class member.

The NYTimes reports:

A coeducational Princeton University eating club has removed two officers from their posts after they sent out emails ridiculing women, in one including a sexually explicit photograph.

The first email, dated Oct. 12, showed a woman engaged in a sex act with a man in one of the public spaces of the club, Tiger Inn. It was sent out by Adam Krop, the club’s vice president, to all the names on a club-wide mailing list, and it was accompanied by a crude joke and a reference to the woman as an “Asian chick.”

Later that night Andrew Hoffenberg, the treasurer, sent an email to the same list regarding a lecture by the Princeton alumna whose lawsuit forced eating clubs to admit women. “Ever wonder who we have to thank (blame) for gender equality,” the email began. “Looking for someone to blame for the influx of girls? Come tomorrow and help boo Sally Frank.”

Following the leak of the email the Tiger Inn was vandalized with the words ‘Rape Haven’ spray painted across the entrance to the club.

Planet Princeton has released details pertaining to the sexually explicit email:

By some accounts, a party at the Tiger Inn last month got out of control.

An intoxicated first-year female student at Princeton University allegedly began performing oral sex on a senior on the dance floor at the private eating club, and someone allegedly snapped a photo of the act.

An officer of the private eating club later allegedly distributed the photo to Tiger Inn members via email, some students claim.

Hap Cooper, the president of the alumni board of governors for the Tiger Inn, told Planet Princeton today that the Tiger Inn code of conduct expressly prohibits sexual activity of any kind in all public areas of the club.

“I am aware of the incident and we are cooperating with the University investigation,” Cooper told Planet Princeton in an email. “We cannot comment in further detail while the investigation is ongoing.”

This incident is not the first time scandal has surrounded the Tiger Inn, a private eating club known for partying and heavy drinking that has often been called Princeton’s “animal house.”

The club, located in a classic Tudor building on Prospect Avenue, has just under 200 members. Founded in 1890, it is one of 11 active eating clubs at Princeton and is the third oldest eating club at the school. Often called “T.I.” or “The Glorious Tiger Inn,” the club’s unofficial motto is, “Always in the right.”

Last spring, all but two undergraduate officers were forced to resign after members of the 21 Club, a semi-secret society comprised of some of the heaviest drinkers on campus, held a party at Tiger Inn and destroyed some of the club property. Tiger Inn President Oliver Bennett and social chair Brendan Byrne III, the grandson of the former New Jersey governor by the same name, were the only two officers allowed to keep their posts. The other four officers were replaced.

Typical Princeton eating club shenanigans? Or is this only the first layer in an unraveling onion of scandalous stories that will soon be released?

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