Does Your School Rage Face? Check Out This List Of The Top Ten Schools For EDM Music

Electronic Dance Music isn’t huge across the whole country. Go down and visit a school like Virginia Tech and you’ll be hearing “Wagon Wheel” on repeat for 4 hours straight at any bar or party, while over at the University of Maryland you’ll get treated to Martin Garrix’s “Animals” until your ears bleed. To each their own, of course. I’d pick “Animals” over “Wagon Wheel” any day, but it goes to show how not every school has a top-tier EDM scene.

If you’re a prospective freshman hoping to pick a school where you can roll face instead of tide, you might wanna take a look at this list of top schools for EDM. The brilliant journalists over at THUMP took into account factors including “…local club life, regional festival access, electronic production choices at said schools, on-campus activities and dance music-specific course offerings.” That being said, this is what they came up with:

10. (tie) Penn State University – State College, PA
10. (tie) Brown University – Providence, RI
9. Clemson University – Clemson, SC
8. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI
7. University of Toronto – Toronto, ON
6. University of Texas at Austin – Austin, TX
4. (tie) University of Miami – Coral Gables, FL
4. (tie) McGill University – Montreal, QC
3. New York University – New York, NY
2. San Diego State University – San Diego, CA
1. University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA

Honorable Mentions:
DePaul University – Chicago, IL
San Francisco State University – San Francisco, CA
University of Colorado, Boulder – Boulder, CO
University of Florida – Gainesville, FL
University of Victoria – Victoria, BC


If you’re curious as to the reasoning for why certain school made the top 10 and others didn’t, click here for a more in-depth analysis. Either way, it looks like now’s a good time to go to school in either California or Canada if you’re looking to hear insane beat drops at every party.