Aggressive UCLA Girl Sends Future Roommates Entitled List Of Demands That I’m Sure Went Over Well (It Didn’t)

My freshman year roommate was a busted troll who fled campus every weekend to rent a car and drive to her boyfriend’s school two hours away because she had no friends. Eventually she came to blame me for her problems, and once THAT started happening, well, let’s just say it was downhill from there. With two months left in the year I moved out to a different dorm because I had lost control of the situation (whenever I had friends over they started fucking with her shit, though I can’t say I really tried to stop anyone), and my new roommate was delighted to find that I wasn’t psychotic despite telling her “Yeah I got assigned here because I had roommate issues.”

“That chick must’ve been a bitch to not have gotten along with you.”

Fuck yeah she was! But fortunately for me she was NOWHERE near as bad as “Ashly,” the biggest twatmobile currently residing on the west coast who’s gearing up to start classes at UCLA. Unlike my roommate, Ashly is not passive-aggressive; Ashly is just aggressive. And bitchy. And entitled. And…well, see for yourself:

Winnie, the poor girl whose tweet is embedded above and who is #blessed with having to live with Ashly, did not respond to her email. Winnie seems like a nice little girl, whereas the third roommate, Guistinna, sounds like she ain’t taking shit from anyone, especially not that bitch Ashly:

Ashly responded to Guistinna by saying she thinks she’s Pretty cool” and that “I like people who know how to speak up for themselves.”

…but that’s not to say she’s any less of an entitled twerp:

Ahhh, freshman year roommates…how I don’t miss thee.