SPECIAL DELIVERY! UCSB Chick Lost A Bet And Had To Answer The Pizza Delivery Guy Topless And Filmed It On Yeti


If your first thought when you saw this Yeti Campus Stories video wasn’t a flashback to the last ‘Big Sausage Pizza’ porno you watched, we just have different interests. Different ideologies. We definitely wouldn’t have sat at the same lunch table growing up. And don’t get it twisted, you’re the weird one. If you didn’t immediately think of a roided-out pizza delivery dude sticking his beef thermometer through a perfectly good pizza pie, take that thermometer out of the pizza and check your temperature bro, you may not be feeling well.

The context behind this video is that this UCSB chick lost a bet and the consequence was answering the pizza delivery dude topless. And as the old saying goes, one chick’s loss is another man’s gain, or something! She was very graceful about the whole thing and for a brief second you can see the ear-to-ear smile on the delivery boy’s face. Best day of his life. And even if the chick isn’t a perfect ten, the number one thing pizza and boobies have in common is that it doesn’t matter the quality, you’ll still put both in your mouth.

No way he starts the engine to his 1990 Honda Accord without reclining the seat and giving himself a little tug first. And I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same.

P.S. I know you bros have got boobies on your minds now, so here’s something to chew on. That’s the best I can do for ya.