UGA Sorority Creates Funny Spring Break Contract for Fraternity to Sign; Nudity is a Given

For Spring Break this year, the University of Georgia’s Pi Kappa Phi fraternity will share a house on the Gulf Shore with the lovely ladies of Kappa Delta and hot DAMN, it sounds like a fun time. TFM got its hands on a contract Kappa Delta asked the bros to sign before embarking on the coed journey: rules include a.) “Save water, shower with a friend (or two), b.) Take a shot every time a girl says “I can’t,” and, course, c.) Shirts and pants are not recommended, ever.

Skinny dipping also appears to be on the menu (Rule No. 4) and KD is aware of the social ramifications of cool Spring Break shit making its way onto the Internet (Rule No. 19). They are wise beyond their years.

This is what Georgia’s Kappa Deltas look like, by the way. Spring Break is awesome.

[H/T: TFM]