University Of Arizona Student Sues School After 270-Pound Meteorite Falls On His Hand

I’m not sure if any others exist but in Philadelphia there’s a place called the Please Touch Museum and it’s basically as advertised — go inside and touch all the displays.

University of Arizona has their own type of museum where students are allowed to touch displays. They probably should have used more wire when hanging this bad boy.

A University of Arizona student is suing after he says a 270-lb. meteorite toppled over at a university museum and crushed his hand, according to a lawsuit filed earlier this week in Pima County Superior Court.

The civil suit says freshman Grant Black was performing community-service work in November 2014 and he tried to move a piece of the Canyon Diablo meteorite on display at the UA’s Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium.

I was already cringing and reading this made it much, much worse.

The suit says the center encouraged visitors to touch and interact with the space rock. The rock fell, crushing Black’s hand.

Black’s pinkie had to be amputated. His ring finger was reconstructed but is paralyzed and frozen into a hook shape, according to a notice of claim filed this year. Black was an avid Spanish-classical guitarist, the claim said, and can no longer play the instrument.

Double “oh fuck!”

Black will probably end up owning half the school after all is said and done. The Grant Black “Fuck This Place, I Own It Now” Theater has a nice ring to it.

[via USA Today]

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