Two University Of Arkansas Golfers Arrested After Taking Pictures Of Unconscious Naked Woman


Fayetteville Police Department

Taylor Moore, 21, and Nicolas Echavarria, 20, two golfers from the University of Arkansas, have been suspended indefinitely from the university after they were arrested Wednesday for allegedly taking pictures of a naked woman who was unconscious. The woman reportedly said she went to Moore’s house on April 11th in order to sleep because she was too drunk to drive, however while sitting on the couch between the two men she began slipping in and out of consciousness. According to Daily Mail,

The alleged victim told authorities she remembers being given a T-shirt and kept passing out while between the two men on their couch. She was then carried to Moore’s bedroom.

While slipping in and out of consciousness, the woman said she recalled seeing the flash of light — prompting her to later contact police.

Moore and Echavarria initially denied that any photos of the victim had been taken before later recanting, police said in the report.

The report also says the two admitted taking three pictures, two of which had been deleted, and that the victim was unaware the pictures had been taken

Both Moore and Echavarria posted $2,500 bond and have court dates on June 1st.

[H/T Daily Mail]